About Us

How did you guys meet?

Josh and Taemi met on their first day of college at Syracuse University. Their parents had just dropped them off and said their good-bye’s when Taemi walked by Josh’s dorm room while eating an apple from lunch. Josh introduced himself and they were fast friends. They have been together for 7 years.

How did he propose?

Taemi’s architecture firm was opening an office in Barcelona, and she invited Josh to come to the opening celebration in February 2010. Josh had already been thinking about the “right” time to ask for Taemi’s hand and immediately realized that this was perfect. He started planning the proposal discreetly, asked Taemi’s parents permission, found the ring, and hid it in their small NYC apartment without Taemi ever finding out!

Taemi and Josh made it to Spain, without the TSA ruining the surprise at customs. On the day of the proposal, Josh picked up Taemi from an office meeting on a Vespa he had rented. They went galavanting about town visiting the Arc de Triomf and other sites, as if just a normal day on break. Taemi slowly began to notice that Josh was acting awful strange and uncharacteristically quiet. After parking the motorbike and strolling through Park Guell, Josh took Taemi to a spot overlooking the city.

Taemi again noticed that he was very quiet, and that his hand was securely stuck in his pocket. Taemi made several attempts to loosen him up, but she was met by only silence. Josh finally decided the moment was right, and slowly drew the ringbox from his pocket. He said, “So there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…” Taemi responded, “Okay.” And immediately burst into tears of joy. He asked her to marry him and the rest is history!

Why are you guys so awesome?

Because we have friends and family like YOU!